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Those who are familiar with the abortion debate will quickly recognize this argument as belonging to the most radical strand of feminism.

Christian Feminism A Fuller View of Woman

A pontifical academy founded during the Renaissance has announced a cash prize of $22,000 in a contest for young artists whose work promotes “Christian humanism”.

List of people associated with the Pontifical University of St. Thomas.

The Pill s - 2012 - The Pill s Women and Babies

Time has an article about Muslims and Jews in France and Italy who attended Mass this past weekend to show interfaith solidarity with Catholics/Christians. Worth noting this paragraph referring to Italy - Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told the … In the world of Catholic news, we were almost headed for a lull between the pope’s late June interview on the plane back from Armenia and the early July appointments of Vatican communications experts (two Americans among them, nary an Italian or a cleric).

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In many ways, this picture was years in the making.

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