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Once you have provided the necessary hints and background information and have gained the interest of your reader, manipulate his or her interest towards your thesis, generally the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

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Consider this passage from The Allyn & Bacon Handbook whenever you need a reminder of the thought process behind introductions and conclusions: The introduction and conclusion to a paper can be understood as a type of transition . At the end of the paper, the conclusion works in the opposite direction by moving readers from the world of your paper back to their own world . .(151) Thoughts Unique to Introductions Why can't I just get started saying what I've got to say?

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Use the introduction to provide necessary background information, which mht include defining terms, giving a historical overview or informing the reader of a controversy.

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Why do you think I need to understand your main point? In an effort to go beyond summary, it mht be helpful to think of your conclusion as something that mht .

Introductions and conclusions in essay writing:

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