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Not a normal online book but rather a hy useful directory of links that lead to literally millions of online materials about writing, grammar, argument, literature, reading and thinking, and many other writing-related subjects.

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Wizards have always appeared to have a better track record than Muggles in terms of gender equality.

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"The Field of Cultural Production brings together Bourdieu's most important writings on art, literature, and aesthetics." "Bourdieu develops a hy orinal approach to the study of literary and artistic works, addressing many of the key issues that have preoccupied literary, art, and cultural criticism in the late twentieth century: aesthetic value and judgement, the social contexts of cultural practice, the role of intellectuals and artists, and the structures of literary and artistic authority." "Bourdieu elaborates a theory of the cultural field which situates artistic works within the social conditions of their production, circulation, and consumption.

Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate

“We got to talking”—so David Antin begins the introduction to Radical Coherency, embarking on the pursuit that has marked much of his breatess, brilliantly conversational work.

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