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The Economist explains Why young people don't vote The

Often it is cited that young people lack interest and concern in politics, showing indifference to the modern political process.

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Apathetic about Democracy Engaging Young Voters

Jason Gendler Minneapolis, MN Hh school student Born: 1981 Essay themes: Lower Voting Age for school board only, education Allison Harell Elk River, MN Hh school student Born: 1980 Essay theme: Multi-party system ANDREW PRITCHARD STILLWATER, MN College student Born: 1979 Essay themes: the rise in activism and community work of young people contrasted to low political participation, allying non-profit organizations with government agencies, making voting easier BETH UTECHT WINONA, MN Hh school student Born: 1981 Essay themes: Remove candidate age limits, Electoral College, influence of money on politics Melissa M.

It all begins with political apathy Yawning

To be honest, I was never really bothered with politics. But now I’m tweeting and sharing political news almost 24/7 like nobody’s business. All this information merely compounded what I already knew from my father. I do not know where even to begin with what is wrong. Moreover, I believe the prices will continue to climb if nothing effective is done to solve the rising costs of living. What about others who are less fortunate than I am? I understand that the system is based on merit and that is fair and justified.

Essay on political apathy:

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