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84.1 Administrative History Established: Foren Service of the United States established in the Department of State by the Rogers Act (43 Stat. Predecessors: In the Department of State: Functions: Represents the United States in foren countries. Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Foren Service in RG 287, Publications of the U. Diplomatic and consular system formalized by an act of March 1, 1855 (10 Stat. The services were reorganized on several occasions, and combined into the Foren Service in 1924. Records exist for diplomatic posts in the following countries: Abyssinia (see Ethiopia); Afghanistan, 1942-55; Albania, 1922-46; Algeria, 1942-44; Angola, 1943-52; Argentina, 1813-1952; Australia, 1940-52; Austria, 1837-1955; Austria-Hungary (see Austria); Belgium, 1832-1954; Bolivia, 1853-1952; Brazil, 1809- 1961; Bulgaria, 1859-1948; Burma, 1945-55; Cambodia, 1950-52; Canada, 1927-52; Ceylon, 1870-1955; Chile, 1824-1952; China, 1843-1948; Chosen (see Korea); Colombia, 1820-1952; Costa Rica, 1854-1959; Cuba, 1902-52; Czechoslovakia, 1919-53; Denmark, 1811- 1956; Dominican Republic, 1883-1952; Ecuador, 1827-1955; Egypt, 1873-1955; El Salvador, 1862-1958; England (see Great Britain); Estonia, 1930-37; Ethiopia, 1898-1955; Finland, 1920-58; France, 1788-1960; Germany, 1835-1957; Ghana, 1950-52; Great Britain, 1826-1961; Greece, 1834-1955; Guatemala, 1826-1955; Haiti, 1860- 1952; Hawaii, 1839-1900; Holland (see Netherlands, The); Honduras, 1854-1955; Hungary, 1920-55; Iceland, 1940-52; India, 1941-55; Indonesia, 1936-55; Iran, 1883-1952; Iraq, 1931-49; Ireland, 1927-52; Israel, 1948-52; Italy, 1839-1957; Japan, 1855- 1952; Jordan, 1948-55; Korea, 1882-1955; Laos, 1954; Latvia, 1919-41; Lebanon, 1935-54; Liberia, 1856-1953; Libya, 1948-55; Luxembourg, 1903-55; Mexico, 1825-1952; Montenegro (see also Greece), 1905-12; Morocco, 1905-57; Nepal, 1946-55; Netherlands, The, 1806-1952; New Zealand, 1940-52; Nicaragua, 1894-1962; Norway (see also Sweden), 1906-55; Ottoman Empire (see Turkey); Pakistan, 1923-55; Panama, 1903-52; Papal States, 1858-61; Paraguay, 1861-1955; Persia (see Iran); Peru, 1826-1952; Philippines, The, 1946-52; Poland, 1939-55; Portugal, 1824- 1956; Prussia (see Germany); Romania, 1800-1955; Russia (see Union of Soviet Socialist Republics); Salvador (see El Salvador); Santo Domingo (see Dominican Republic); Sardinia (see Italy); Saudi Arabia, 1945-55; Serbia (see Yugoslavia); Siam (see Thailand); South Africa (see Union of South Africa); South Korea, 1948-56; Soviet Union (see Union of Soviet Socialist Republics); Spain, 1801-1955; Sublime Porte (see Turkey); Sweden (includes Norway prior to 1906), 1810-1952; Switzerland, 1853-1952; Syria, 1943-55; Texas, 1836-44; Thailand, 1880-1955; Tunisia, 1950-55; Turkey, 1830-1954; Two Sicilies (see Italy); Union of South Africa, 1930-55; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1807-1955; United Kingdom (see Great Britain); Uruguay, 1861-1953; Venezuela, 1835-1955; Vietnam, 1936-52; and Yugoslavia, 1882- 1955. member of the Mixed Parole and Clemency Board, 1953-58, and card indexes to actions taken on applications of German War criminals for parole or commutation of sentence, 1953-58. Records of the Office of General Counsel of the Office of U. Hh Commissioner for Germany (HICOG) consisting of records relating to the case of Judge William Clark, 1949-56.

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The Foren Service Officer Test (FSOT) is an important part of the FSO selection process, covering the job knowledge, English expression and biographic information necessary to work as a Foren Service Officer. View complete information on the FSOT and the selection process.

Research paper about foren service

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