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Early day motion 697 - 2023 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE.

They have all held the title European Capital of Culture.

Contesting the capital of culture in Antonio Muñoz

It is an opportunity to introduce Tallinn and Estonia to the world.

Contesting the <b>capital</b> of <b>culture</b> in Antonio Muñoz

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’ He echoed a sense in most Glaswegians that although there was much to be proud of culturally, Glasgow hardly compared to the great European capitals.”The novelist Denise Mina res: “I was working in a pub at the time, and the City of Culture meant 1am closing if we had a singer in the corner. Dr David Archibald, who lectures in film and television studies at the University of Glasgow, remembers a T-shirt on sale at the Barras with the slogan ‘There’s no a lot of Pavarotti for the poverati.’ Glasgow was also at the time a centre of activity for the campan against the poll tax, which had been introduced in Scotland the previous year. “Tobacco lords and sugar importers with involvement in the slave trade.

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What’s peculiar for anyone who knows the city well, or indeed has a working familiarity with the British cultural landscape, is the fact that this negative narrative co-exists with another reality – one in which Glasgow has in recent decades established itself as a cultural centre of unrivalled prominence and productivity. I remember joking that the first Mc Donald’s opening was part of the year of culture…”Charlotte Hgins, art critic for , was 18 in 1990. “Glasgow was absolutely covered in posters that read CITY OF DEFIANCE,” res Archibald, “which sort of turned the idea of a city of culture on its head.” The campan Workers City, which included the novelist James Kelman, was formed to resist aspects of the regeneration, most specifiy the rebranding of part of the city centre as the Merchant City. The thinking behind Workers City was that if the city belonged to anyone, it wasn’t the merchants – it was the workers.”“I was very engaged by the whole Workers City opposition to Glasgow’s cultural makeover and takeover,” says Willy Maley, professor of renaissance studies at the University of Glasgow.

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