Essay on surrogacy and feminist thought

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Piece treated the vexing question of commercial surrogacy as a litmus test for feminists.

Diversity Readings in Contracts — Gallagher Law Library

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In this paper we examine the questions “What does it mean to be a surrogate mother?

Achieving Reproductive Justice in the International Surrogacy Market

With readings about issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability in traditional first-year courses. Chase, Race, Culture, and Contract Law: From the Cottonfield to the Courtroom, 28 The intent of this Article is to hehten the level of consciousness through a form of cultural critique that explores the ways in which our collective and individual beliefs about and practices concerning race influence the development of contract doctrine: how we interpret it, how we apply it, and how such interpretations and applications reciproy influence what we believe about race. As a result, students rarely see the complex web of interrelationships where economic activity takes place or the legal regime that maintains it. We need to move beyond teaching about "deals" in the abstract to paying attention to "whose deal is it" and how much that often matters.

Essay on surrogacy and feminist thought:

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