Essay on surrogacy and feminist thought

Achieving Reproductive Justice in the International Surrogacy Market

A Swedish feminist organization has issued a policy paper condemning surrogate motherhood and demanding the government legislate a ban on the practice.

A Feminist Perspective on the Limits of Freedom of Contract

(here) Egg Donors (and Sperm Donors) (here) Surrogate Mothers (here) The Children Born (here) The Law and Surrogacy (here) The LDS Stance (here) Policy Recommendations (here) “They want to pretend I don’t exist.” --Heather, a gestational surrogate mother When you know that a huge part of the reason that you came into the world is due solely to a paycheck, and that after being paid you are disposable, given away and never thought of again, it impacts how you view yourself.

A Civil Liberties Analysis of <b>Surrogacy</b> Arrangements - Scholarship.

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The Swedish Women’s Lobby (Sveres Kvinnolobby) argues that surrogacy exploits the woman’s body and her reproductive organs, and violates poor women’s human rhts.

A Civil Liberties Analysis of Surrogacy Arrangements - Scholarship.

Historiy, few of the philosophers who defended justice in the public political realm argued for just family structures.

Essay on surrogacy and feminist thought:

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