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Such a principle is ineffective if it does not cover wortess expression like hate speech, so I agree that to defend freedom of expression one must should concentrate their arguments against the cases of expression seen as the most harmful.

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Hate speech in the United States can be examined in a research paper that explicates the laws and social mores against hate speech.

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One never has to look very far to find those who would cast a baleful eye on any , any minority, any political or relious belief at variance with their own, and accuse that of being the ones responsible for damaging the fabric of society, and imperiling the nation.

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Discussions of free speech in the United States often upon the adage—misattributed to Voltaire—that “while I disagree with what you have to say, I will defend to the death your rht to say it.” (The quote in fact comes from Evelyn Hall, who wrote a biography of the French philosopher.) It’s a succinct summary of a the cherished American idea that speech should not be abridged because we find its content objectionable.

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