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Students will research a famous person, write a 800 to 1000 word essay with in text citations, a bibliography, prepare a powerpoint presentation and then present to the class.

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Delicate omens traced in air To the lone bard true witness bare; Birds with auguries on their wings Chanted undeceiving things Him to beckon, him to warn; Well mht then the poet scorn To learn of scribe or courier Hints writ in vaster character; And on his mind, at dawn of day, Soft shadows of the evening lay.

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Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism By James Burnham (1964) James Burnham (1909-1987) ranks unquestionably as one of the most orinal and penetrating thinkers of the twentieth century, not alone in the context of modern conservative literature but in the history of Western thought in the twentieth century.

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