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Last week we traced the orins of the Jewish festival known as “Dedication,” but in our day popularly ed “Hanukkah.”.

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I am the Board President of Progressive and have held that position for over 12 years. After a comment deemed potentially offensive to a particular Fundamentalist … By Matthew Fox I first learned of Bishop Spong’s prophetic work and his work with the Jesus seminar over 34 years ago while I was still a Dominican priest working in the Chicago area.

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Renowned Bishop Marriage Was Never A Christian Institution.

During his tenure as Episcopal Bishop of Newark, John Shelby Spong was regarded as a fearless advocate for church reform--a hero to some, a heretic to others.

Why We Must Reclaim The Bible From Fundamentalists The.

By Kevin Cougin John Shelby Spong, the prolific author and retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, is “doing better” after being felled by a stroke over the weekend, according to Rector Janet Broderick of St. “I have been in touch with Christine Spong [the bishop’s wife] and even listened to Jack’s voice on the cell phone.

Bishop shelby spong essay:

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