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- Dylan Thomas’ poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Nht” focuses on the purpose of life.

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Siddhartha features substantial activity and narrative action.

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The list below tells you what books shaped their lives and why.

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Work on your Chapter 31 summary (due Tuesday) or study and write an extensive reflection of my handout of feedback on samples drawn from yesterday's sourcing bellwork. I hand out in class (which you should afix to a page of notebook paper), reproduce the map on p. A65: Analyze at least one similarity and one difference in the "messages" of the song "The Last Resort" and the paiting "American Progress." Four paragraphs minimum: 1) Thesis 2) Body paragraph (sim) 3) Body paragraph (diff) 4) Synthesis1. Reminder: Your summaries for Chapter 29 are due Thursday, 2-2, when we'll have a quiz on the chapter (closed book, closed notes and summaries). 20 that they were due on 2-3, but I've stated multiple occasions in class the actual due date is this Thursday. A61: Working in s, analyze documents for the political and social developments that accompanied insdustrialization.

Siddhartha essay thesis statement:

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