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- The conquests of Alexander the Great and the snificance of those conquests in establishing the supremacy of western thought.

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- enclose phrases in double quotation marks - prefix words or phrases with " " or "-" to force or exclude them - otherwise, words and phrases are treated as disjunctive - jump to any paragraph (e.g. For more details, see the Read Me page, especially section 6., and being willing to make a Trial of my Talents for Writing, before I ventur’d upon any more serious Compositions, I was induced to commit these Trifles to the Judgment of the Public.

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Scientific Method of Elections by Richard Lung - Smashwords , 2015The sheer difficulty of genuine electoral reform is shown and explained. I base voting method on logic of measurement...(929 views) The Dilemmas of Engagement: The role of consultation in governance by Jenny Stewart - ANU Press , 2009In this monograph, Stewart maps out the principal approaches used by governments to consult with and engage affected communities of interest.

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