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The qualifier “in large part” is to emphasize that the subject is multidisciplinary, the need for bioengineering ss being one example. Medical Research Council announced the setting up of a $12 million Stem Cell Institute, planned to occupy some 8,000 square meters of new laboratory space in Cambridge, to provide an “invorating environment for cross-fertilisation between fundamental and translational researchers [to] drive stem cell research towards clinical applications,” while in the U. the same mission can be found for the National Institutes of Health Center for Regenerative Medicine, providing “the infrastructure to support and accelerate the clinical translation of stem cell-based technologies.” The relative status of the two activities at present is nicely shown by papers indexed under the respective terms in in the last decade.

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The announcement of the Bush Administration's human embryonic stem cell research funding policy in the summer of 2001 certainly did not end the debates surrounding the issue.

Defining a Life The Ethical Questions of Embryonic <strong>Stem</strong>

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The stem cell controversy is the consideration of the ethics of research involving the development, use, and destruction of human embryos.

Defining a Life The Ethical Questions of Embryonic Stem

Stem cell research is an exciting yet complex and controversial science.

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