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Secure Identification in Social Wireless Networks -

Public key ques are often used to overcome many of the problems.

Master's theses Internet Based Communication

This is a repository for my master's thesis - Depth estimation by CNNs. with the difference, that I also use network that estimates gradients of the depth map: For the global context network I use pretrained Alex Net, gradient network is a convolutional part of Alex Net, and the refining network is also fully convolutional, more details in the thesis.

<i>Master</i>'s theses Internet Based Communication

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Suppose you have a really cool idea of an academic rather than business type and want to show the world how brilliant you are.

Bachelor and Master's Theses - Distributed Embedded Systems

Paola Grosso Location: Uv A/SNE in collaboration with SURFnet Software Defined Networking is a new paradm in controlling computer networks: end users and applications will be able to control network devices directly and will achieve customize network services.

Master thesis network:

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