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How do gas laws affect hot air balloons? Socratic

This chapter discusses the use of hot air in the flht of hot-air balloons.

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All my problems and worries have no place in a plane – all I needed was to look down and see how far away I was from them. In fact, it became so tiny that when I looked out the window I couldn’t even see them. They don’t just remove you from your worries, they transport you to another place.

<i>How</i> do gas laws affect <i>hot</i> <i>air</i> <i>balloons</i>? Socratic

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The operation of a hot air balloon depends on Charles' Law, the Ideal Gas Law, and Archimedes' Principle.

Paper Hot Air Balloon How do hot air balloons work? The science.

Check out our hot air balloon facts for kids and enjoy learning about how they work.

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