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Guest Post by Pae Eve Chant Not too long ago, just as spring was turning over into summer, I awoke with a slht numbness in the fingers of my rht hand.

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- Two Works Cited In the short story, "Taking Care", by Joy Williams, a preacher deals learns to deal with his wife being in the hospital with a rare blood disease as well as taking care of his granddaughter while his daughter is away.

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When serious illness or disability strikes a person, the family as a whole is affected by the disease process and by the entire health care experience.3 Patients and families have different needs for education and counseling.

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Ometime in the late ’50s, Frieda Fromm-Reichmann sat down to write an essay about a subject that had been mostly overlooked by other psychoanalysts up to that point. She was not sure, she wrote, “what inner forces” made her struggle with the problem of loneliness, though she had a notion.

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