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The Great Debate Life of Voltaire

Dismissed as a piece of lht satirical fluff at the time of its publication, Candide has only recently been elevated to a canonical status and included on the list of the "world's greatest books." Orinally presented in January 1759 under the...

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Pangloss used now and then to say to Candide:"There is a concatenation of all events in the best of possible worlds; for, in short, had you not been kicked out of a fine castle for the love of Miss Cunegund; had you not been put into the Inquisition; had you not traveled over America on foot; had you not run the Baron through the body; and had you not lost all your sheep, which you brought from the good country of El Dorado, you would not have been here to eat preserved citrons and pistachio nuts.""Excellently observed," answered Candide; "but let us cultivate our garden."--Ch.

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"Shakespeare is a drunken savage with some imagination whose plays please only in London and Canada." (qtd.

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