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Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia, (1762-1796) History 120, Section 4 Russell Smith Dr.

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, in the Basque Pyrenees, when events in faraway Paris prompt Reverend Mother Helene de Roque to close Montglane Abbey and use the departing nuns and novices to smuggle out the pieces of the long-hidden Montglane Service, she confides to Mireille and Valentine that she, too, will be embarking on a journey: to visit a friend she has not seen in over forty years. That friend is Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, better known to history as Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia from July 9, 1762 until her death on November 17, 1796. Petersburg in the autumn of 1791 and meets her old schoolmate “Fchen,” she finds a formidable woman whose quest for love and power amidst the casual brutalities and often-violent intrues of the Russian court has shaped her into a charismatic yet fearsome fure, an enmatic bundle of contradictions with the power of life and death at her fingertips, a mhty friend—but a potentially dangerous enemy—sometimes both at once.

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5/2/1729 11/6/1796 Peter III of Russia Empress of Russia; longest-ruling Russian female leader; expansion of Russian boundaries Explore articles from the History Net archives about Catherine The Great » See all Catherine The Great Articles Catherine The Great summary: Born on May 2, 1729 in Prussia, Yekaterina Alexeevna, later known as Catherine II and Catherine the Great, became Empress of Russia in 1762 and was instrumental in revitalizing Russia and establishing it as a great European power.

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He did that by traveling through Europe, and by that, learning new ideas and ways to modernize his country.

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