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Did I want to stand at a podium and read you your rhts? Me, I graduated HS in 1988, got my college degree in ’93. And that’s OK, because hey, that’s how it is, this is the reality you face — the world we live in…And while I’m not here to discourage you or in any way belittle your accomplishments of which we celebrate tonht…I am here to talk brass tacks, to skip the flattery and the “attaboys” because I DO know this.

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A commencement speech is a speech delivered at the commencement ceremony of a hher education institution by a graduate, an alumnus, a celebrity or a politician to the graduating class, their families and guests.

<i>How</i> to <i>Write</i> a <i>Graduation</i> <i>Speech</i> Advice from a Passionate.

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Commencement speeches have become outlets for sharing some of the most important life lessons ever.

How to Write a Graduation Speech Graduation Speech

Find Your School Announcements The Ceremony School Celebrations Graduation Parties Graduation Gift Ideas Thank You Notes Grad Announcements Graduation Packages Senior Apparel Senior Jewelry Gifts & Keepsakes It’s an incredible honor to be chosen to speak to your classmates at your graduation ceremony.

How to write graduation speech:

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